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10 Companies That Totally Nailed the Company Culture Video

10 Companies That Totally Nailed the Company Culture VideoWhile working on this project, I realized all companies take different (very different) approaches to their company culture video. Some prefer to have the videos feel more like employment promotions, where they are encouraging people to apply and straight up telling them why by including things like insurance and dental information or vacation policy.Others use the company culture video as a way to broadcast what the company does as a whole mentioning features and benefits for customers. Many use voice-overs and even more use testimonials from employees and CEOs. But what makes a kick$$ company culture video? Is there some secret formula to writing, producing, and promoting your company culture video?The perfect company culture video will vary, depending on many things. Things like the industry, company values, industry values, and budget. Pouring boatloads of cash into a company culture video may be a great idea for one compa ny, and for others, filming a quick, 30 second video on an iPhone is perfectly acceptable.So since there is no magical way to create the perfect company culture video (and since were pretty serious about videos here at Spark Hire), I feel that these 10 company culture videos are great, for each particular company, for their own reasons. I will be evaluating each video, keeping in mind 3 important questionsWhat does the video look like?What is said?Why does it work?All of these videos aredone very differently, and its important to know why. Because no company culture is the same as the next. One things for aya these companies know the importance of putting your company culture on display.Culture fit is KING (or Queen) when hiring for your companyClick To TweetApples and oranges.We all know Apple is super successful with creating products that people want and need. This American multinational corporation is headquartered in Cupertino, California and has made some big moves in the tech industry is the last forty years. Just take a look at an Apple store on the day of a new product release, or better yet, take a look at an Apple store 2 days before a product release. People wait, stand in mile-long lines, camp out, and anticipate new products, and feel perfectly fine taking time out of their day to get them.The reason why this video works? Apple is sexy. Apple is everything you want to be. And working there? Well, if youre the best at what you do, you can work there and make awesome products too. With the ability to work in small gruppes, and big projects, potential employees looking to make the best products in the tech space need to be the best, or have the potential to be the best.A quick look into Apples company culture tim_cookClick To TweetSTARted from the bottom, now youre making the big BUCKS.Starbucks is one of the most popular coffee shops in the world. With roots in Seattle, WA since 1971, this coffeehouse chain now has a full line of merchandise, rewar ds programs, and a pretty solid following of coffee lovers. This Starbucks video is different than many other company culture videos because it clearly displays the opportunity to grow, with real-life examples. Specifically, this video follows the growth of its interns.Its special because it gives the viewer a look at how a start to finish employment process works. In this video, the employees are not only growing with the company, but rather growing as individuals. As peoplewho are valued in the world.Learn a lot and make a difference StarbucksClick To TweetOne for one.TOMSis a for-profit footwear and eyewear company that designs shoes for your feet, and soul. With every sale, TOMS provides shoes to impoverished children, and puts some of their profits toward restoring eyesight for people in developing countries. Buying shoes has never felt so good With such an inspirational mission, theres no wonder their customer service team is just as inspiring and involved in their community.T his video specifically highlights TOMS customer service team. I consider this a successful company culture video because this is the kind of work space where personalities are showcased, which is super appealing for potential employees.When you work for TOMS, work for a good cause, with friendsClick To TweetThey have a panda mascot. Enough said.BambooHR has a solid understanding of making videos that are funny, yet informing. In this particular video, they mix personal statements and testimonials about the company with fun animations and a look at how life beyond the BambooHR desk looks. They hone in on work life vs. personal life and how they strive to create a happy medium between the two.This company culture video is successful because it is intriguing to those looking to start a career with a start-up atmosphere (without the start-up stress). Living a healthy lifestyle and keeping work at work are becoming huge selling factors for job seekers. BambooHR does a great job at showin g how their employees do just that.Doesnt BambooHRs company culture video make you want to work there?Click To TweetDont F the customer.Atlassian, the maker of HipChat, was previously mentioned in another Spark Hire blog post about apps for recruiters. Their HipChat app made it on that list and their company culture video is making it on this list. Atlassian is a software company that builds excellent tools that help all sorts of teams in different industries reach their goals.Atlassians company culture video works because they straight-up highlight their 5 core valuesOpen company, no BSBuild with heart and balanceDont f***the customerPlay as a teamBe the change you seekThe way they present honesty in this video makes the company upfront and personable for both customers and potential employees. At Atlassian, even the verbiage being used to explain their core values targets a particular audience. To some, the swearing is appealing, as it showcases a tell it how it is attitude. Some may shy away from this idea, and it is even mentioned in the videothat those who come from traditional, corporate style working environments are actually shocked by such a different culture. In the end, this video shows how working at Atlassian is casual and comfortable for all employees, no matter their background. These 5 core values help their team members develop innovative products while feeling as if they are a part of a family, rather than a huge corporation.How to successfully use curse words in your company culture video AtlassianClick To TweetFor the love of marketing.HubSpot is a software for inbound marketing that lets you customize your entire online presence. This is a good example of a product-infused company video that points out features, benefits, and shows how they are different from the competition.With a no door policy, unlimited vacation, free food (and beer), games, and flexible work hours, work life at this start-up seems pretty pleasant. The employees at Hub spot are considered experts and work for a purpose, rather than a paycheck. Dont worry, they get paid too. They actually have a 128 page slideshow of what the company culture looks like at HubSpot directly on their site.Culture is to recruiting as product is to marketing HubSpotClick To TweetWe love beer.Whether you prefer a creamy, dark, oatmeal stout or a crisp and refreshing pale ale, Founders Brewing of Grand Rapids, MI has put together a company video that is sure to satisfy all beer drinkers. This video is a heartwarming video of how starting a business is a major struggle, and you really need to be motivated and passionate in order for your dreams to come true.This video is a good look into the culture of Founders because it turns the story into how it relates to its customers and employees. The brewmasters shown in this video are proud of what they do and are inspired everyday to do their best to make the best beer possible.We love beer and we LOVE the FoundersBrewing compan y culture videoClick To TweetThis is Zendesk.Zendesk is the leading cloud-based customer service software in the market. They provide a way for companies to better handle support tickets and improve overall customer satisfaction.In their company culture video, they chose to go the Twitter route, just not as over the top. Similar to the Twitter video, they use humor and slightly mock the traditional company culture video. I think this video works because it shows the viewer where and who Zendesk is, as well as giving a very brief look at what their product looks like.Does dry humor work in Zendesks company video?Click To TweetIntern life at Google.Similar to the Starbucks video mentioned earlier, Google came out with an intern-focused company video as well. We all know what Google does, so there is no need for an explanation here, but lets talk about the culture being depicted in this video.With fantastic, innovative work spaces, this video does a great job at targeting interns and p resenting a fun atmosphere to begin a career.Its like a big amusement park for young professionals to explore, try new things, and succeed with one of the fastest growing companies in the world.The life of an intern google looks prrretty sweet cultureClick To TweetIf you enjoy learning about the cultures at different companies, check out The Muse. Its a great place to get a closer look into companys culture. With videos and interviews with employees, this up close and personal approach gives the viewer a sense of how they would fit into a company. While these videos arent produced by the company itself, you still get a good feel on what the company is all about. They typically interview two employees and give a brief description of what the office looks like.So, what should every company culture video include?After watching theses 10 company culture videos, we noticed quite a few similarities. It became clear that every company culture video mustExplain the vision of the company and how it came to beDemonstrate how the vision helps solve problems for customersShow positive work environment and cultureDisplay opportunities for growth (employment focused company videos)Create buzz for both employees and industryA happy company culture leads to happy employees, which leads to a happy and successful brand. How do you think Spark Hires company video fares among the others? Please share with us your favorite company culture videos and why you think theyre so great.

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#8216;Non-Code Codes#8217;a Way to Maintain Office E-Mail Privacy

8216Non-Code Codes8217a Way to Maintain Office E-Mail Privacy 8216Non-Code Codes8217- a Way to Maintain Office E-Mail Privacy Thats because my friends computer is the only one in the office network that is elend under real-time, on-screen surveillance with live access to employee emails.My friend has refused to comply and is currently looking into new job options for his formidable, high pay-grade talents.Now, thats really intrusive. So, what can you do to maintain some semblance of privacy and confidentiality- not to mention dignity- under such circumstances?Well, you cant encrypt your on-the-job emails into indecipherable strings with encryption software. That would merely provoke a confrontation, or at least raise grave suspicions.Encoding Hamlet as Duck DynastyInstead, consider writing everything in readable, ordinary-language code- seemingly non-code code, if you will. If you think thats not easy, youre absolutely right, especially if you take things a step further and encode everything you write as perfectly normal, coherent text that doesnt at all resemble anything coded.That would be like undetectably encoding and transcribing the entire text of Shakespeares Hamlet as an episode of Duck Dynasty.I dont know enough cryptography to even begin to answer the question whether that is humanly or mathematically possible. Sure, individual words, no problem.For example, take care that, when writing about how many miles you traveled on your recent holiday, you dont let your entire right-hand slip one character to the left on your keyboard, because then miles will appear as nukes in your email- with results you can imagine.So, as this method shows, one word or maybe even a sentence or two may easily be possible. But paragraph after paragraph? Heres an imaginable short reply, at work, to a fictitious emailed question about how many air miles I have on my Royal Bank of Canada Gold Card, using the simple shift-code described above Gave 55,356 nukes Have 55,356 miles . The point is that even this much is a challenge.Now, you may think suggesting youre handing over nukes is worse than revealing how many air miles you have but, if you think about it, the last thing a boss wants you to be thinking or writing about at work is your travel plans.Be that as it may, the point is that it wasnt easy to create even that much code, even when half the keyboard- on the left- required no special coding.Hence, it seems to me that writing paragraph after paragraph to a Hamlet-Duck Dynasty encoding standard will be impossible for just about everyone, with the possible exception of those whose job is to do precisely that- which, of course, suggests they are probably already doing that with their own office emails as well as with their paid projects.However, dont despair. Theres a simple workaround Just preface every email you send, encoded or not, with THE FOLLOWING MAY BE AN ENCODED MESSAGE. If it is intercepted by your boss or his software, youve got plausible deniability, e.g., Its really my project report, which I wanted to protect from unauthorized interception or surveillance. The problem is that my dog ate the code before I could code the code and send it.Kolmogorov, One Million Monkeys and Your BossThis office-email coding issue resonates with the well-known Kolmogorov test for complexity and randomness, e.g., of codes and that which they code, which, among other things, specifies that the longer the sequence of characters required to describe a second string of characters, the more closely the latter approximates a purely random, complex sequence.For example, both the code for and the sequence consisting of 1234123412341234, endlessly repeated, are simple and non-random, the code being write 1234 repeat indefinitely. On the other hand, 15436133221914378574. continued with no evident pattern whatsoever represents a code and a message far more complex and random.As an upper limit, a purely random, infinitely or indefinitely-long comp lex coded messages description and code is equivalent to the message itself. So, on analogy, can it not be argued that as non-random text indefinitely increases in length, the only coded descriptive recipe for it becomes the text itself?musiknote This tandem relationship between increasing complexity and increasing randomness of information needs to be compared with and distinguished from the relationship between biological complexity and randomness, which, on the face of it or at least on some interpretation, seem to vary inversely.The challenge of coded transcription of Hamlet into Duck Dynasty or of your emails into coherent concealment is also a variation on the million monkeys with a million fontwriters thought experiment, which imagines that given enough time, one million monkeys will indeed flawlessly type out a compilable copy of Hamlet.However, in the email case, the prediction is not that eventually they would write Hamlet, but that they would/would not be caught and expos ed after writing a Duck Dynasty episode as code for Hamlet.To Be or Not to Be CageyTherefore, if you preface every in-office or other email with THE FOLLOWING MAY BE AN ENCODED MESSAGE or THE FOLLOWING IS AN ENCODED MESSAGE, you may be able to retain some measure of privacy, if only because of the confusion you and the attendant employer exasperation will sow.As for which of the two versions, i.e., the IS AN ENCODED MESSAGE or MAY BE AN ENCODED MESSAGE, the choice will depend on whether you ever expect to have your coding abilities challenged or tested by your boss.One advantage of the MAY BE version is that it amounts to a randomized strategy that makes predicting whether or not youve encoded your emails very difficult.Besides protecting you from spot tests and challenges, it will, as a minimum will keep your boss off-balance and uncertain as to when to confront you.Hence, for now, for me and probably for you, MAY BE is likely to be the wiser choice.unless you think that at least o ne of us is looking at a perfectly coded article arguing the contrary and that you can prove or match it.___________Note In case it went unnoticed, there was some intended humor in this.

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Mortgage Loan Officer Job Description Sample

Mortgage Loan Officer Job Description SampleMortgage Loan Officer Job Description SampleMortgage Loan Officer Job Description SampleThis mortgage loan officer sample job description can assist in your creating a job application that will attract job candidates who are qualified for the job. Feel free to revise this job description to meet your specific job duties and job requirements.Mortgage Loan Officer Job ResponsibilitiesIncreases mortgage loan portfolio by developing business contacts attracting mortgage customers completing mortgage loan processing and closing supervising staff.Mortgage Loan Office Job DutiesAccomplishes mortgage loan human resource objectives by selecting, orienting, training, assigning, scheduling, coaching, counseling, and disciplining employees communicating job expectations planning, monitoring, appraising job contributions recommending compensation actions adhering to policies and procedures.Meets mortgage loan operational standards by contributing mortga ge loan information to strategic plans and reviews implementing production, productivity, quality, and customer-service standards resolving problems identifying mortgage loan system improvements.Meets mortgage loan financial standards by providing annual budget information monitoring expenditures identifying variances implementing corrective actions.Attracts new mortgage loan applications by developing relationships within the community, specifically with the real estate community making sales calls to prospective customers.Approves mortgage loans by examining application and supporting documentation estimating credit-worthiness calculating repayment risk.Competes mortgage loans by monitoring collection, verification, and preparation of mortgage loan documentation scheduling and completing mortgage loan closing.Protects banks stellung by keeping mortgage loan information confidential.Updates job knowledge by participating in educational opportunities reading professional publication s maintaining personal networks participating in professional organizations.Accomplishes bank mission by completing related results as needed.Mortgage Loan Officer Skills and QualificationsAudit, Financial Skills, Financial Software, Customer Service, Thoroughness, Confidentiality, Analyzing Information , Decision Making, Verbal Communication, Professionalism, Quality FocusLearn more abouthow to hireCreating and Posting a Job in MonsterMaintain a Legal Hiring ProcessYour Hiring Goal Be the Dumbest One in the Room

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10 steps to become a millionaire in 5 years (or less)

10 steps to become a millionaire in 5 years (or less)10 steps to become a millionaire in 5 years (or less)It doesnt matter where you currently are in your financial situation whether just abfluging out or already making lots of money.Most people, no matter what their income, are treading water. As a parties income rises, so does their spending.Few people understand how to continually increase their income, lifestyle, and joy at the same time.Follow Ladders on FlipboardFollow Ladders magazines on Flipboard covering Happiness, Productivity, Job Satisfaction, Neuroscience, and moreIn this article, you will learnhow to become wealthyhow to build a life that continually increases your level of confidence and joyhow to continually expand, learn, grow, and succeed as a personhow to develop mentorships, friendships, and strategic partnerships with nearly anyone you wantIf these things are bedrngnislage interesting to you, then this article welches leid written for you.Heres how it works1. Cr eate A WealthVisionWhen riches begin to come they come so quickly, in such great abundance, that one wonders where they have been hiding during all those lean years. Napoleon HillStep 1 of becoming financially successful is to actually create a imagination for yourself financially.Einstein said that imagination is more important than knowledge. Arden said creativity is more important than experience.How much imagination do you have for your future?Do you binnensee huge potential and possibility for your life?Or, do you see a pretty average life?Creating a vision is an iterative process. You dont just create a vision once and then never look at it again.You continually create and write your vision every single day (see 3 below).Look at any area of your life that youre doing well and its because you see something beyond what you currently have. By that same token, look at any area of your life that isnt exceptional and you likely dont see something beyond what you currently have.Most people are living in and repeating the past.Having a vision is focused on the future.Your life and behavior immediately shift when you begin imagining a different future and stridently striving for it.In order to do this, you must obliterate your need for consistency. From a psychological perspective, people have a high need to be viewed by others as consistent. This keeps people in behavioral patterns, environments, and relationships that are ultimately destructive and unsatisfying for far too long.Instead, you could abandon your need to be viewed as consistent by others. You can be okay with the fact that youre leid perfect. You can be okay with messing up. You can be okay with having values you stand for and goals you want to accomplish, regardless of what those around you think.Having a vision for your life means you no longer care what other people think of you. It means youre ready to begin actually living the life you want. It means youre no longer going to just go with the f low, as you have for most of your life. It means that regardless of what your parents, peers, and social environment have presented you thus far, youre going to create the life you want.The more detailed your vision the better. The more quantifiable your vision the better.Your brain really loves numbers and events. These are tangible. Thus, your vision should center around specific numbers and key events.For exampleI will be making $1,000,000/year by January 1, 2022.I will get a check for over $100,000 by October 2020.I will take a 6-week vacation in Thailand in the next 6 months.Quantify it.Measure it.Get excited by it.The more detailed the vision in your mind, the more believable it will be to you.Its okay if you dont knowexactlywhat you want right now. Having more money, creating powerful experiences, and continually growing as a person are all in the right direction.As you build confidence through successive and small wins over time, your vision and imagination will expand.Thus, in order for your vision to become clarified and congruent with your values and genuine desires, youll need to start building confidence.Thats where the next step comes in2. Develop A 90-Day System For Measuring Progress-Future-PacingThe following are 4 questions Dan Sullivan, founder of Strategic Coach, has his clients answer every 90 daysWinning Achievements?Looking back over the past quarter, what are the things that make you the proudest about what you have achieved?Whats Hot?When you look at everything thats going on today, which areas of focus and progredienz are making you the most confident?Bigger and Better? Now, looking ahead at the next quarter, what new things are giving you the greatest sense of excitement?What are the five new jumps you can now achieve that will make your next 90 days a great quarter regardless of what else happens?Every 90 days, you want to 1) review the previous 90 days and then to 2) set measurable and challenging goals for the next 90 days.In the book, The Art of Learning, Josh Waitzkin saidShort-term goals can be useful developmental tools if they are balanced within a nurturing long-term philosophy. Too much sheltering from results can be stunting.Short-term goals are how you build progress. Working toward a timeline is crucial for productivity. Focusing on only a few key milestones each 90 days are how you build momentum.Every 90 days, when you look back on the previous 90 days, you want a system for tracking your learning and progress. You want to get out of your routine environment and take a recovery break. Tim Ferriss calls this mini-retirements.Every 90 days, you want to take a few days off. You want to get away where you can ponder, reflect, think, visualize, strategize, and play.During this recovery session, you want to pull out your journal and take time to reflect on the previous 90 days.What went well?What were your key wins?What did you learn?What has you most excited?Where do you need to pivot?Given what youve done and what youve learned, what do you want to do in the next 90 days?What 25 jumps or wins will make the biggest difference toward your ideal vision?Every 90 days, when you review your progress, you could beincreasing your confidence, because confidence comes through watching yourself succeed.Very few people truly take time reflecting on what theyve actually done. Were very good at seeing where were coming up short. We are less reflective of where weve succeeded.Chances are, you dont even remember what you ate for lunch three days ago.Chances are, you dont recognize all of the good things youve done in the past 90 days. However, you can train your brain to notice, focus, and pay attention to the progress youre making. When you begin seeing progress, youll start feeling progress and excitement.These feelings are very important.Feeling movement and momentum gives confidence.Confidence is the bedrock of imagination, action, and power.Want more confidence?Start drumherum short-term goals (every 3090 days), track your progress, count your wins, recovery, reset, and start again.When you have a big vision, you dont need to make HUGE progress every day. You only need to take a step or two forward daily. You then track that progress and watch as the compounding effects take over.Every 90 days, track the key areas of your life.Track your money.Track your health.Track your time.Track the progress in the areas you want to succeed.3. Develop A Daily Routine To Live In A Flow-Peak StateAssume the feeling of your wish fulfilled. Neville GoddardAlright so youve created a big picture vision that inspires you.Youve also set 90-day short-term goals to help you build confidence and keep you progressing on the path.Now, you need a daily routine to keep yourself in flow.If you can get yourself into a flow-state every single day, and live in and operate from that flow state, youre going to be feeling really good.It is your responsibility to organize your life so you can be in fl ow as much as possible. In positive psychology, a flow state, also known as being in the zone, is the mental state in which you are fully immersed in a feeling of energized focus, full involvement, and enjoyment.In essence, flow is characterized by complete absorption in what one does, and a resulting loss in ones sense of space and time.Thats a great way to live.Flow creates high performance.High performance creates confidence.Confidence creates imagination and excitement.Imagination and excitement lead you to thinking bigger and differently about yourself and your life.With that in mind, its key to look at why most people are not in flow most of the time. Not surprisingly, it starts first thing in the morning. Momentum is activated with the first decision of your day. Rather than proactively putting themselves into a flow state, most people put themselves into an unconsciously reactive state.People are not the product of habits, they are the product of environments (see point 4 be low). According to Stanford psychologist and behavior expert, BJ Fogg, konzeption beats willpower. konzept is about how youve set things up. Most people have not designed their environment for flow. Instead, most peoples environment and life have been set up for continual distraction, which is the opposite of flow.Flow is something that must be designed for.You have todecideto live in flow. You have to commit to it. The reason flow is so commonplace in extreme sports is because extreme sports require a great deal of commitment, risk, and focus.If a motocross rider loses focus while trying a backflip over a 100-foot dirt jump, they could die. Therefore, the situation evokes deep flow.Flow comes by not over-thinking it.Flow comes when you just let it happen.For example, when Im writing a blog post, my best writing is when I stop thinking altogether. I just let it rip.Thats how high performance works. You put in the preparation, then you just let your body take over.When it comes to mo rning routines, the primary purpose is to put yourself into a flow or peak state. There are some useful activities for putting yourself into flow.First, you want to change your environment to change your mindset. Begin visualizing and IMAGINING your desired future. Affirm powerfully to yourself that you are going to achieve that future. Florence Shinn stated, Faith knows it has already received and acts accordingly.Thats what morning routines are all about. You put your mind into the mode of your future. You emotionally commit and connect with that future. You then BE that future self.You act as that future-self would act.This is why the need for consistency needs to drop from your life.Instead of being consistent with who youve been, you want to be consistent with who youre going to be. If youre going to be a millionaire, you need to start acting like one now.Recent researchstudied the brains of actors with MRI machines. What they found is that, when the actors were in character, t heir brains showed significant change.In other words, acting a different role changes your brain. And this is actually what you want to do every morning in your morning routine.Rather than triggering the brain of your former self and addictions, you want to trigger the brain of your desired self, or character.Who do you want to be?Imagine that self.Feel that self.Assume the feeling of your wish fulfilled.Affirm the reality of that self.Know that what you want you can have.Commit big.Invest yourself in that reality.Begin, right now, acting consistent with that reality.Enjoy the rush of flow that comes from being present and congruent.4. Design Your Environment For Clarity, Recovery, And CreativityA lot of people think we are creatures of habit but were not. We are creatures of environment. Roger HamiltonIn order to truly upgrade your life, you cant just set goals, build morning routines, and begin acting differently.You need to reshape your environment.You need an environment that ma tches the future you plan to create.You need an environment that not only resonates with your values and vision, but also propels your values and vision.Most peoples environment is like a rushing river, going the opposite direction of where they want to go. It takes a lot of willpower to tread upstream. Its exhausting. Instead, you want your environment to literally be pulling you the direction you want to go.You want to proactively surround yourself with people who inspire you.How many role models do you regularly encounter?How many role models are you helping?Different environments have different purposes. You want environments for rest and rejuvenation, for focus and work, for meditation and clarity, and for excitement and fun.The more mindful you become as a person, the more you realize that you and your environment are two parts of the same whole. You cannot disconnect yourself from your environment. Therefore, you want to be mindful and intentional about your environment.This means you do not contaminate recovery environments with things like cellphones. If youre going to go to the beach to relax, dont ruin that amazing opportunity by bringing your phone.When you change a part, you change the whole system. Dont spoil the whole barrel with one bad apple.5. Focus On Results, Not Habits or ProcessIn polite conversation, most of us will say we admire successful people for their hard work, positive habits, and ironclad principles. Thats not really true. It doesnt take much digging to uncover a major disconnect between what most of us say we respect and how most of the icons of our age actually behave Keep in mind that the only thing most people really care about is the score on the board. Everything else is hype. ForbesIts quite hilarious, really. Nowadays, you hear people talking about how goals and results dont matter.This is totally nonsense.Its also lies.Its not about habits or process. Its about results.The reason we admire certain people is because of t he results they get. There are countless other people who have just as inspiring of habits but fail to produce powerful results.Tim Ferriss, in his book, The 4-Hour Body, defines what he calls, minimum viable dose. Basically, this is the minimum amount of effort to produce the desired result. 212 degrees is all that is needed to boil an egg. Anything beyond that is wasted effort.Therefore, what is the desired result you want?What is the most effective way to get that result?Rather than obsessing about the habits and process, you instead want to get very clear on the result you want, and then reverse-engineer how to get it.It is the goal that determines the process, not the other way around. Moreover, its the results that also determine the process. If youre not getting desired results, then you need to adjust your process. Dont be insane and do the same things over and over and expect a different result.Even still, we live in a culture that is obsessed with habits, hacks, and proces s. None of these things make any sense in and of themselves. They only make sense in the context of a specific goal.My process wont look like your process, because my goals arent the same as your goals. My goals are what determine my process.My habits wont look like your habits, because my goals arent the same as your goals. My goals are what determine my habits.When you get serious about big results, you stop obsessing about process altogether. Big and bold goals require ingenuity. They require courage and attempting stuff that might not work. They require going above and beyond anything youve ever done.In reality, your goal IS the process. You set a goal and that goal organizes your life. Once you hit it, you then set a new goal that re-organizes your life.Goals are means, not ends. They are means to growth and progress. Once you hit a goal, you take what youve learned and continue expanding.6. Identify Ideal Mentors/PartnersEverybody wants to be somebodys Yoda. Aminah Mae SafiDon t just look for a job. Instead, create a job.How?You create a job by providing opportunities to ideal people you want to learn from and work with.This is how you can come to work very closely with your ideal mentors.Wealthy people work to learn. Poor people work for money.So, who do you admire?Who is a role model to you?Who is doing work you absolutely love?Who has a life you want to emulate?How can you help them achieve their goals?How can you use your skills and abilities to enhance and improve what they are doing?It is really so easy to get closed to just about anyone. Ive observed this over and over in my life. Ive been able to develop very close relationships with anyone Ive wanted.It started with a vision.I wrote down that I was going to learn from and work with certain people.I studied their work.I developed skills that would be useful to them.I got myself into their environment.I offered my skills to them in the form of an opportunity, one in which would help them further su cceed at what they want to do.I spent my time and efforts helping them, and in due process, learning a great deal in the process.I became part of the inner-circle.Being in the inner-circle, Im now afforded rare knowledge, experiences, and opportunities.This is what you want.You develop mentorships and partnerships by being useful. You dedicate your thoughts and efforts to helping them. By helping them, you position yourself in a unique place. In this unique new position, making lots of money becomes easy.7. Become A Brilliant Listener AndObserverListening is such a simple act. It requires us to be present, and that takes practice, but we dont have to do anything else. We dont have to advise, or coach, or sound wise. We just have to be willing to sit there and listen. Margaret WheatleySeek first to understand, then to be understood. Stephen CoveyInterestingly, in helping ideal mentors and role models, Ive seen time and again how people overly value their own wisdom.Recently, I was on a call with one of my mentors. There were three of us on the call. The mentor, myself, and one other. We were all three on the call to discuss the mentors goals and plans for expanding their business and simplifying their life.The conversation lasted about 90 minutes.60 of those minutes were the other person spouting endless ideas without clear context. They were trying too hard to be useful or smart.It wasnt helpful.Instead, its better to ask thoughtful questions.What are they really trying to accomplish?What are the current challenges?What do you feel needs to happen?Why do you want to make these changes?Once you get the right context, then and only then will your words be useful. When it comes to relationships and communication, sometimes the stakes are very high. Sometimes, you want to measure 10 times and cut once. In other words, you want your words to be relevant and on-point. You want it to be obvious that youre there for them, not to boost your own ego.If its really about them, then make it about them. Ask questions before providing ideas.Help them get clarity themselves through their own talking.Make sure they understand what is really going on in their head by helping them clarify.Then, when you feel you could provide insight, do it in the context of what theyve already said.They will then know that you are truly listening to them and that youre truly trying to help them. They will love and respect you, because unlike most people, you are genuine. Youre a listener.8. Focus On Who Instead OfHowStop asking how and start asking who. Dan SullivanPart of becoming a millionaire, or financially successful in whatever way you define that, is by evolving beyond what Dan Sullivan calls rugged individualism.When ambitious people set goals, they often ask themselves, How do I do this?When youre first starting out, this is a fine question. But when your vision expands and your time becomes more valuable, you start asking a different question.Who can either do t his for me or help me do this?Rather than trying to do the how yourself, you find the who to take care of the how.Hiring people or even using services like Upwork is so easy these days. There are people all over the world with time and skills who are ready and waiting. Utilize these people.You get the best people onboard to whatever youre trying to accomplish by powerfully and clearly conveying the what and the why.What are you trying to accomplish?Why is it so important?This is how you get people excited and committed. Simon Sinek, an expert of work culture, explains that everyone needs more from work than simply a paycheck. We all want to feel like we are a part of something important, meaningful, and worthwhile.You offer that to people through the what and the why.You may not see yourself as an entrepreneur. And you certainly dont have to be one. But if you want to start making more money, youll need to stop doing everything by yourself.Becoming a millionaire doesnt happen by bei ng a one-person-show.You need to start building a team. And like everything else, you want to do that before you feel ready. Because in truth, youre never ready before you start. Youre never pre-qualified to do anything. It is always the leap itself and then working through the process that you become qualified.9. Continually Update Your Values-Definition OfSuccessIf youre not different from who you were 12 months ago, you didnt learn enough. Alain De ButtonTransformational experiences can change your life. Similarly, transformational relationships can change your life.You want to regularly be having experiences and engaging with people who upgrade your current approach and perspective of life.Right now, you see the world a particular way based on your environment, your goals, and what youve been conditioned to focus on.You can only see what is relevant and meaningful to you. Psychologists call this selective attention. What you focus on expands.Right now, what you focus on may be d ifferent from what you were focusing on 23 years ago.When you were young, you were focused on what your friends thought about you. As you get older, your focus shifts.Peak experiences are a certain type of experience that bring something that has been out of focus to you, into focus. When you have these experiences that shift your focus and attention, you begin to see the world differently.You want to continually shine the focus of your attention on things that are meaningful and valuable to you.How much of your time and attention is on things that dont really matter?How much energy to you put into stuff that isnt serving you?What could you be focused on, that would be way more worth you time?I recently met a person who helped me focus way more directly on my relationship with my kids. He told me a story that really changed my perspective. I was really listening and receptive to what he was saying.The story he told me hit upon things Id already heard before, but that werent strong e nough signals to shift my attention. But his story and the whole experience really made it real for me, enough so that it changed my values and goals.There are things youve heard before, which went in one ear and out the other. Those are things you know, but dont do. Stephen Covey said, To know and not do is really not to know.Just because youre aware of something doesnt mean you pay attention to it. Becoming emotionally connected to something is how you begin paying more attention to it. As you engage in something, and begin to identify with it, then it becomes a bigger part of your life.Right now, look at your health. How much attention do you give it? Youve heard a million times that your health is important. Youre aware, but are you paying attention? Or, is your attention on other things?Your attention can be measured by what triggers you in your environment. Hence, people who are addicted to alcohol get triggered by many things in the environment to think about alcohol.What tri ggers you?Thats what youre focused on. Thats what you identify with. Thats whats meaningful to you. Thats where your story of yourself lies.You can design your focus so that your external environment triggerswhat you want to see.Similar to attention, there are things you know are valuable, but that you personally dont value.For example, you probably believe that good health is something worth valuing, but your behavior demonstrates what you really value. What you pay attention to is what you value.So, you want to have experiences that shift what you could value to what you do value. You want to truly value things that will make the biggest difference in your life. You want to stop valuing the things that are sabotaging your success.You want to set goals around the values you aspire to have. You want to create routines and an environment that bring those values to the forefront of your attention. Your input shapes your outlook. You then want to live-out those values daily. Then, you want to regularly have experiences which upgrade, expand, and refine those values.If your definition of success hasnt changed in the past 12 months, then you havent learned very much. If your definition of success hasnt changed, then you havent been having powerful experiences.10. Dont Wait Too Long When You Know Its Time ToChangeWhat got you here wont get you there. Dr. Marshall GoldsmithInsanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results. Albert EinsteinThe way to enjoy life best is to wrap up one goal and start right on the next one. Dont linger too long at the table of success, the only way to enjoy another meal is to get hungry. Jim RohnGoals are means, not ends. Once youve achieved something big, dont get stuck there just because it worked before.Everything youve done has brought you to this point.What is the next big adventure?What does the situation call for?What does your imagination inspire?Whats the next big mountain?One of the fundamental problems with success is that it becomes a trap. People who have succeeded big get stuck living in their past. They continue to explain themselves based on what theyve done, rather than what theyre doing.Elon Musk is a powerful exception. You never hear Elon Musk talk about the Paypal days. Instead, you hear him talking about the problems hes currently solving and the vision he is currently pursuing.Hes not stuck in the past. Instead, hes using all of his past experiences to propel bigger and bigger results and goals and challenges.Hes always growing, transforming, changing, striving. This is a very healthy approach to life.ConclusionIts surprising how simple it actually is to become financially successful.Its not hard.You just need to know what you want and then become the person that gets it.You can become a millionaire.It may take 5 years. But 5 years of focused attention on something can take you a really long way.Whats the minimum viable dose for the results you want?Becoming a millionaire will require you to change. But as Albert Einstein said, The measure of intelligence is the ability to change. Jim Rohn said it best Become a millionaire not for the million dollars, but for what it will make of you to achieve it.Heres the reality you are currently fixated and focused onsomething. Thats a fact. If we want to understand who you are, all we need to do is discover where your current focus and attention lies.A fundamental part of conscious evolution is learning to control and direct your attention so that you can shine that spotlight onto what you want, rather than what youve been conditioned to want. Fundamental to that is updating your environment and values, since these things center your attention.What are you currently focused on?What is currently meaningful to you?What could be meaningful to you?What could you value?Who could you be?Ready toUpgrade?Ive created a cheat sheet for putting yourself into a PEAK-STATE, immediately. You follow this daily, y our life will change very quickly.Get the cheat sheet hereThis article originally appeared on Medium/Thrive Global.You might also enjoyNew neuroscience reveals 4 rituals that will make you happyStrangers know your social class in the first seven words you say, study finds10 lessons from Benjamin Franklins daily schedule that will double your productivityThe worst mistakes you can make in an interview, according to 12 CEOs10 habits of mentally strong people

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7 elite universities offering free online classes

7 elite universities offering free verbunden classes7 elite universities offering free online classesTop universities from around the world are offering free online college classes that include recordings of lectures to interactive courses with assignments and final projects. These types of learning opportunities can be a great way for job seekers to boost their skill set, gain valuable knowledge, and enhance their likelihood of career progression.With an overall goal of makinghigh-quality education accessible to any person, in any location, several elite universities are offering free college classes to interested individuals. In return, the institutions are able to compile research that can be used to improve their courses and develop better technologies for online and classroom-based learning. The offerings are non-credit courses, but some provide a certificate of achievement or completion.The common term thats come to define these free classes is MOOC, which stands for Massive Op en Online Courses. Many of these universities offer free classes via a MOOC platform, such as Coursera, edX, and Udemy. Take a look at seven big-name universities offering free online college classes.Follow Ladders on FlipboardFollow Ladders magazines on Flipboard covering Happiness, Productivity, Job Satisfaction, Neuroscience, and more7 Universities Offering Free Online College ClassesCarnegie Mellon UniversityThe Pittsburgh-located university was founded in 1848 by Andrew Carnegie as a technical school and merged with the Mellon Institute of Industrial Research in 1967 to become its current iteration.Through its Open Learning Initiative, CMU offers low-cost courses and also has anOpen and Free sectionthat allows students to access courses material for free. These courses are self-guided, meaning there is no instructor or grades assigned, along with no credit. Evidence-Based Management, Introduction to Programming in Java, and Spanish I are just a few of the courses available.Duke UniversityDuke University is located in Durham, North Carolina. Of its online program, the university said Through online learning, Duke seeks to offer flexible global learning opportunities to a wide set of students throughout their lives.Duke Universitys free courses are on Coursera, a popular online learning platform. Free classes are on an audit basis, allowing you to access content, but you wont be submitting assignments for a grade or earning a certificate. You can review the syllabus, instructors, and reviews from previous students for each class onCoursera. Offerings include, but are not limited to, courses in statistics, medical neuroscience, and machine learning.Harvard UniversityHarvard is the oldest higher education institution in the U.S. The Ivy League school is located in Cambridge, Massachusetts.Online learning websiteedX hosts Harvards free courses. These self-paced courses are free on an audit basis, but a certificate can be awarded for a fee. Each course will pro vide information on how much time is required, the difficultly level, and information on instructors.Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)Known for its academic focus on engineering and computer science, MIT is a Cambridge, Massachusettsbased school. In 2001, the institute decided to place nearly all of its course content online.Known as OpenCourseWare (OCW), the site contains material from 2,400 courses. OCW doesnt require any registration and courses are categorized by topic, department, and MIT course number. Each course contains lecture notes, readings, and assignments.Stanford UniversityStanford University, located near the Bay Area in California, is a top school often known for its proximity to Silicon Valley. Since 2011, Stanford Online has been the universitys online collection of courses.According to its website, Stanford offers more than 100 unique, free online courses or MOOCs (Massive Open Online Courses) in service to the world, for lifelong learning and self-enri chment.Free college classescan be found on its website in a wide range of topic areas that span humanities, medicine, engineering, and more. Enrollment can be completed at any time as classes are self-directed and completed on your terms.University of California, BerkeleyUC Berkeley is a public university that serves as the flagship campus of 10 universities within the University of California system. The school is included onU.S. News World Reports list of Best Colleges, making it a top college.In 2012, UC Berkeley created a resource to house all of its online courses and degree programs. In conjunction with edX, courses ranging from statistics and marketing to business writing and literature can be audited for free.Yale UniversityAn Ivy League school located in New Haven, Connecticut, Yale University is a prominent school ranked as3 by U.S. News World Report in its Best Colleges list.Open Yale Courses (OYC) offers a registration-free way to access Yale courses. No credit or cert ificates are available. Lectures are presented in video and audio format, and youll also have access to the syllabus and suggested readings.Whether youare seekingpersonal enrichment, a way tolearn new skills for your resume, or a start to asuccessful career change, an investment of time and motivation is all you will need for these free online college classes. And no matter where you are in your career or job search, FlexJobs offerscareer coaching and resume reviewsthat can help you incorporate your newfound knowledge.

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Learn How to Hire a Freelance Book Publicist

Learn How to Hire a Freelance Book PublicistLearn How to Hire a Freelance Book PublicistA publicist is a key to a books success in the media. While publishing houses usually assign an in-house pro to work on each book, both traditionally published and indie or hybrid authors opt to hire a freelance book publicist to ensure individualized publicity attention for their books. In this QA, book publicist Jessica Glenn of MindBuck Media talks about what to look for when hiring a freelance PR pro and how to make the fruchtwein out of a tight publicity budget. Valerie Peterson Of course, its understandable that indie or hybrid authors would want to hire their own publicists, but many traditionally published authors also hire freelance PR pros to ensure their books get mora individualized attention than they otherwise might. Is there any etiquette around having freelance book publicists when youve got someone in-house as well? Jessica Glenn Generally, your in-house publicist will be quite ha ppy if you hire an independent publicist to augment their efforts. They are not in a competitive relationship. In-house and freelance publicists are quite cooperative they all just want your book to get lots of mentions and be successful. VP So, whats the most important piece of advice you can give to an author who is considering hiring a freelance publicist? JG When an author is looking for a publicist, I strongly suggest getting a recommendation from another author or finding a publicist through the publicists own critical reputation rather than finding a publicist through an advertisement on the web. Im always surprised by publicists who buy print or web ads. If the publicist is good, you will have heard of them from other authors or they will be teaching seminars you have heard of or they will be quoted by industry professionals. If you dont know other authors to ask, there are lots of places to get unbiased suggestions. I suggest contacting MFA programs and asking professors. M ost MFA profs either have had a publicist for one of their booksor can send you to someone who has. You want a PR person who is familiar with and has contacts in the market youre targeting. Most MindBuck authors are in the continental US but we also work with authors in other countries including Canada, UK, France, Greece, and Japan to help publicize their work here. Speak with several publicists if they are established and good, there might not be a lot of difference in methodology for a basic campaign but a publicist and author with good chemistry makes the book release process a lot less stressful and often leads to more synergy in terms of supplementary ideas. Beyond that, you want to work with someone whos enthusiastic. At MindBuck, we absolutely delight in the success of our authors and are tireless cheerleaders for the writers with whom we decide to work. VP If an author has a limited budget, what are the things he/she should focus on when hiring a freelance publicist? What are the publicity campaign elements that authors can do themselves that would effectively dovetail with a publicists efforts? JG Depending on how limited the budget, at the very least, try to get a publicist who can pitch your book to reviewers. A publicist will be much, much more effective pitching reviewers than an author will. Book tours, however, can be very creative and cheap if hosted by friends or free venues. This is something an author can work on successfully on their own. Submitting to awards is also something an author can do (unless the award specifies that the author must be nominated). Social media is definitely something an author can do on his or her own but do the research first on the most effective ways to use each platform. Begging people to buy your book doesnt work. Read more publicity insights and advice from Jessica Glenn, such as publicity timeline for an effective book launchandbasic book PR campaign strategy insight. Jessica Glenn launched MindBuck Media Book Publicity in 2005 and the MindBuck Media team has worked on an eclectic variety of books. Their list includes bestsellers and books from small, medium and large publishing companies, as well as some select indie releases. They represent authors in the U.S. as well as Canada and a number of other countries.

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A Deadly Mistake Uncovered on Resume Cover Letter Format and How to Avoid It

A Deadly Mistake Uncovered on Resume Cover Letter Format and How to Avoid It The Benefits of Resume Cover Letter Format Cover Letter Writing The procedure for writing a Cover Letter thats personalized for each specific job is among the most difficult portions of the job searching process based on the feedback received from our community. An bewerberinterview to additional review your requirements and my skills would be mutually beneficial. Including an extra skills section to your resume permits you to bring any additional skills which you did bedrngnis have a chance to add elsewhere. Therefore, for your convenience, you have a superb chance to monitor the advancement of the assigned writer and make sure an essay will be ready in a timely method. There are three most common sorts of cover letters, which could be beneficial for you, dependent on what type of request have you got. There are many kinds of cover letters for resumes. There are various sorts of cover letters for resumes. Simply following some basic strategies and making certain adjustments could be sufficient to make your cover letter much superior than before. Resume Cover Letter Format Fundamentals Explained To be frank, a resume alone does leid provide you with the assurance of being hired with no problems in any way. The prior sentence appears robotic and unfriendly. Once you have proofread the letter, after that you can let somebody else take a look merely to keep on the safe side. An effective cover letter has to be compelling yet to-the-point to avoid wasting somebodys time. Resume Cover Letter Format As you take a look at the sample letters, you shouldnt find a single misspelling or grammatical error within them. There is an abundance of resume samples readily available online. The Upside to Resume Cover Letter Format Remember that its important to tailor the letter in line with the organizations mission and the work role youre seeking for. These days, its necessary to have a work merely to survive. Just dream high and youll surely land on an ideal job. So if youre seeking to receive a job (notlage just any job, but the job that you want), be certain to do things right and learn to make an outstanding resume. Doing research is able to help you figure out who is the best suited person to obtain the letter. The introduction has become the most important portion of the expert cover letter, as its where youre intended to earn a strong impression thats sufficient to motivate employers to carry on reading the document. Each introduction comes with its own benefits and pitfalls based on the kind of job seeker youre. The very first step in making a great resume is through writing an interesting and efficient cover letter. You shouldnt do that, since you do not add any extra value. Just be sure the special format you use is suitable for the business youre applying to and their industry. The only exception when you shouldnt incorporate the formal salutation is when you understand the providers culture, and its well known theyre more casual. Choosing Good Resume Cover Letter Format In a prospecting letter, express your potential to satisfy the employers needs as opposed to focusing on what exactly the employer can provide you. Make certain that your private letter reflects some critical interest and data about the work position. The letter offers detailed info on why youre qualified for the job that you are applying for. For instance, a cover letter is an outstanding place to speak about a career shift or maybe to explain a protracted gap in employment. Finally, heres a cover letter format example. Some also take a cover letter. Each cover letter is an official document and you ought to realize that you should stick to some rules. Before you will begin writing your very first or maybe not first cover letter, you should know a document structure. The cover letter is just about the very first thing that the HR perso nnel sees. A Resume Cover Letter Format has an extremely significant role in bringing you the very best employment prospect. Lets Get Started by Knowing why you ought to consist of cover letter and whats a Cover Letter. Finally, a good resume cover letter can produce a strong impact that will probably score you an interview with a prospective employer. There are two or three rules to bear in mind when addressing your Cover Letter.